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  • DynaLiners Shares Index (DLSI)

    DynaLiners Shares Index is part of a substantial upgrade of DynaLiners Weekly.
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    DynaLiners is proud to present its
    DynaLiners Shares Index (DLSI), a unique analysis, we believe, in container shipping. It takes the share price development of more than one hundred listed companies active in container shipping, either directly and/or through controlled subsidiaries or divisions.

    Each company has its share price collected at the same point of each week. The individual share price developments are weighted depending upon the level of that company’s activity. Thus, Maersk Line’s share price development will have a greater impact upon the total score than a single terminal operator or a large company with limited container activity.

    From these steps, a starting score of 1,000 is calculated, this being set at week 52, 2017. Subsequent share price changes impact this final score each week. The indices are intended to show share price movement, as share prices tend to reflect market sentiment, and are not intended as a guide or advice as to whether to invest in particular stocks.

    Generated indices
    Five indices are calculated: 
    1) DynaLiners Shares Index covering all more than companies
    2) DLSI Carriers, covering companies active as container liner carriers
    3) DLSI Ports, covering corporations active as port and/or terminal operators or similar
    4) DLSI Owners, covering businesses active as non-operating shipowners
    5) DLSI Boxes, covering enterprises active in building and/or leasing container boxes

    As such, it is possible for companies to be present in more than one index. Membership of the various indices is reset every quarter to take account of companies who may have listed or delisted, or companies whose operational activities have changed in scale, including entering or leaving container shipping.

    Development of the Index
    Since the overall DynaLiners Shares Index was set at the end of 2017, following a brief rise in the opening weeks of 2018, it experienced a consistent slide until the start of 2019, since when it has grown. Indeed, for week 14 (2 April 2019), it actually improved by 29 points to 824, the highest for this year. All four sub-indices also exhibited strong growth, with DLSI Owners jumping highest by 42 points to 756. Even so, it was still one of the weaker indices.

    DynaLiners Share Index - Overall

    Growth in week 14 was underpinned by sixty-three companies enjoying a share price rise compared with the same point of last week. Twenty-five saw share price decreases with the remainder unchanged. The biggest gainers for the week were Navios Containers (+20% to USD 2.33) and FESCo (+19% to RUB 6.60). Moving the other way were box manufacturer Trans-Freight Containers (-13% to INR 8.00) and Capital Product Partners, whose share price dropped 33% to USD 10.51 (its one-for-seven reverse split of week 13 has been retrospectively applied to previous share prices).