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  • DynaLiners Daily - DLSI Carriers is clearly the strongest

    Despite the (DLSI) only creeping slowly up these past three weeks, as evidenced by a 1% and only nine point increase this time around to 854, this was, in fact, a highpoint for the year. The previous best was the 847 points noted way back in Week 18 (mid-April) and is, in fact, the best since Week 35 of 2018 (end-August). This aside, movement was very much a mixed bag, as it has been for a while now. The DLSI Carriers and Ports sub indices both grew whilst their Owners and Boxes counterparts both contracted. DLSI Carriers is clearly the strongest with a twenty-point and 2% gain to 913. Not only is it a year-to-date high, it is also the highest seen since Week 21 of 2018 (late May).