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  • DynaLiners Daily - No respite on the downward pressure of the Shares Index

    There is no respite on the downward pressure of the DynaLiners Shares Index (DLSI); the superlatives are all but exhausted. This week only ten companies managed to see their share prices rise, whilst 104 went the other way. The average change was a remarkable drop of 12.5%. With figures as these, and after three tough weeks already, it is no surprise that record lows have been reached. In essence, fifteen months of gradual progress has been wiped in the space of less than one month. All five indices suffered dramatic – there is no other word for it – losses. The main index dropped by 90-points to 673, a record low. DLSI Ports, Owners and Boxes also registered record lows with falls of at least 80 points. The sector index that lost the most was DLSI Carriers. Although its 105-point drop left it on 795 points, this was still some 62 points above its record low of week 52/2018.