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  • DynaLiners Daily - DynaLiners Shares Index

    The main DynaLiners Shares Index and all four sector indices enjoyed positive weeks, continuing the bounce back that has now lasted three week. All indices posted double-digit absolute growths, with DLSI Owners up thirty-two points and 4% to 847. The main index was up thirteen points and 1.4% to 975. Although DLSI Boxes’ twenty point and 3% gain was not the best, it did finish on a year high and a week 42 high when looking back at the previous two years.
    Individually, there were a remarkable seventy-seven members on the up with fewer than half that number moving the other way. The average change was a clear gain of 2.1%. Stevedores Hutchison Port Holding Trust and Turkey’s Global Ports Holding struggled most, both seeing their shares contract by 13%. Best of all were Navios Containers, up 33%, and Lorenzo Shipping of the Philippines, up 28%. However, the absolute figures behind those improvements were small. For Navios it represented a USD 0.44 gain (to USD 1.44) and for Lorenzo, it moved up PHP 0.20 (to PHP 0.92). Much more substantial was third placed Matson’s 21% gain, which actually equated to an extra USD 8.82 to finish on USD 51.04.