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  • DynaLiners Daily – A sign of things to come?

    The Port of Felixstowe, the busiest container port in the United Kingdom, has come under immense pressure in recent weeks. With businesses beginning to stockpile in the run up to both the holiday period and the end of the Brexit withdrawal period, the port has seen demand levels increase while struggling to shift containers inland. All in addition to the general disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Concerns have been raised about the availability of drayage connections and the mounting delays waterside. One carrier – Evergreen Marine – even took the opportunity to reroute one of its vessel to Rotterdam after delays became “unacceptable”.

    A Brexit deal is seemingly no closer and the negotiators of both sides appear to be dug in and firmly set on their (often-conflicting) objectives. As a result, it is highly likely that the disruption will last well into the New Year and other ports will most likely join the party on the back of new customs regulations, the bedding in of new computer systems other trade related bureaucracy and congestion.