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Dynamar is on top of the developments in the worldwide shipping markets. On a continuous, daily basis, we scan, check and process information on all relevant shipping sectors, markets and companies. The resulting experience and know how on 5 all-important segments flows into this particular report. Please click for a free sample!

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Latest news

  • 28 March 2020

    DynaLiners Daily - Yilport numbers

    Ports in which Turkish Yilport owns a stake handled 6.2 million TEU, or 4.6 million TEU based on equity share. The container volumes were split between Malta (2.7 million TEU), Turkey (1.1 million TEU), Iberia (1.2 million TEU), Nordic Countries (495,300 TEU) and others (600,000 TEU). In addition, it handled 11.5 million tons of general cargo, 317,000 CEU Ro/Ro units and 3.4 million cbm of liqu... Read more

  • 28 March 2020

    DynaLiners Daily - Heung A Line or Heung-A Shipping?

    Heung A Line, now owned by Sinokor, has distanced itself from its former parent Heung-A Shipping, which is undergoing a KDB, Korean Development Bank-led debt restructuring. Heung-A Shipping, which now is solely a tanker operator, sold a 90% shareholding in Heung A Line in December 2019 for KRW 36 billion (USD 29 million).   Read more

East-West Container Trades: the Alliances Playground

- 8 January 2015 - the 14,100 TEU "CSCL Mercury" marks the Ocean Three start
- 10 January 2015 - the 18,300 TEU "Munkebo Maersk" kicks off 2M

- January 2015 - CKYHE Alliance now also comprises US trades

- April 2014 - G6 Alliance starts covering all East-West routes

has published a brand new publication in its well established Container Markets and Trades series:

East-West Container Trades - the Alliances playground

This report offers an exclusive insight into the East-West trade lanes, a 46.5 million TEU market driving the container liner shipping world:

  • North Europe-Far East - Mediterranean-Far East
  • Transatlantic (North Europe) - Transatlantic (Mediterranean)
  • Transpacific (West Coast) - Transpacific (East Coast)

Of the twenty-six different vessel providers, sixteen are organised in one of the four East-West Alliances. Combined, these have a (gross) East-West capacity share of over 95%! An extensive Alliances Analyses providing full and more details is -of course- part of this report. It furthermore furnishes data on:

  • 16 carriers' four East-West Alliances
  • Details of 120 East-West services                                    
  • Alliances history
  • Annualised trade capacities                                              
  • Operational concepts
  • By carrier, by trade, by port                                               
  • Services details by individual Alliance
  • Over 950 ships deployed                                                    
  • ULCS fleet overview, including per operator
  • 7.7 million nominal TEU                                                     
  • Secret East-West links
  • 36 million TEU annual trade capacity                             
  • 26 East-West related corporate profiles
  • Carryings per trade lane                                                     
  • 5-year trade lane liftings and forecasts

It is, with few exceptions, the Alliance carriers that operate the ULCS, ships of over 10,000 TEU, up to more than 19,000 TEU. These lift the overall capacity of the huge East-West armada, accounting for 41% of the world fleet, to 7,900 TEU average per unit across all carriers.

Each trade lane is dissected by service, carrier, port, annual trade capacity, precise service rotations, carryings, rate developments and trends. Ports are summarized by both annual trade capacity and annual throughput.

This publication offers a sneak peak into the immediate future composition of the East-West routes, taking into account Alliances still have to formally launch all intended operations. A September 2014 survey shows the progress made.

An extensive sector provides an analysis of the four Alliances and their contribution to the trades as well as the individual members' contribution to their Alliances - there also is a section providing Dynamar's East-West carryings forecasts up to 2018.

All information for this East-West Container Trades report has been collected, researched and processed over November 2014-January 2015. The price for this report includes a (free) subscription to six monthly updates.

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