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Dynamar is on top of the developments in the worldwide shipping markets. On a continuous, daily basis, we scan, check and process information on all relevant shipping sectors, markets and companies. The resulting experience and know how on 5 all-important segments flows into this particular report. Please click for a free sample!

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Latest news

  • 24 September 2020

    Dynamarkets Monitor - A potential new role for the EU in shaping global shipping norms

    In recent weeks,  European Parliament has voted to include shipping within the bloc’s carbon dioxide (CO2) Emissions Trading System (ETS), a scheme within which polluters have to pay for their pollution through the purchase of allowances. The move raises important questions for those involved in the practical end of shipping, while also challenging the perceptions of the role of th... Read more

  • 15 September 2020

    Dynamarkets Monitor - Movement towards more multi-modality

      The shift towards multi-modality is now one of the most prevalent themes within transport research and transport policy. The development of multi-modal transport networks is seen as an important tool in the battle to reduce emission levels from transport and also to help ease road congestion around urban hubs and logistical bottlenecks. In Europe, and the European Union in particular, ... Read more

Dynamar (2019) REEFER Analysis - Market Structures, Conventional, Containers

The calm before the storm; 2019 has been an uneventful year in the reefer market but a shakeup is just around the corner. The reefer fleets, both conventional and container, have faced familiar, yet different challenges in the last year but 2020 is likely to be a defining moment for owners and operators alike.

 With trade volumes continuing to show healthy growth, there is no shortage of demand for reefer shipping, yet challenges on the supply side are coming thick and fast. Conventional carriers are perhaps running out of time to operate their old, fuel-hungry ships and container lines have to make a judgement call between settling on scrubbers or switching to alternative fuels. In an already challenging market, these decisions will be crucial.

The IMO2020 deadline could be yet another step in the direction of the containerisation already seen amongst the major fruit traders, or the conventional stalwarts could stubbornly defend their dwindling market share, focussing solely on their most profitable cargoes. Either way, the substantial increase in fuel costs will have to be covered one way or another and the means by which this is done will see the making or breaking of many carriers. Elsewhere, trade tensions continue to cause uncertainty and instability around the globe, adding yet another hurdle for hard-pressed operators.

It is clear that 2019 has been a period of relative calm in the turbulent territory that is the shipping market but 2020 is building up to be bumpy ride for many. The stage is set but much could still unfold, will IMO2020 be another decisive step in the decline of the conventional reefer? Can container carriers continue to capture conventional cargoes? Can a spike in scrapping save those able to shoulder the squeeze?

 All this and more can be found in Dynamar’s recently released tenth edition of its always well-received annual reefer trade study.

'Dynamar (2019) REEFER Analysis - Market Structure, Conventional, Containers' reports, in-depth, on anything reefer relevant, including:

 -          Historical and technological developments in reefer shipping

-          Worldwide perishables trades by year, area and by country

-          Seaborne trade flows, conventional, containers, and related port infrastructure

-          Conventional reefer and container ship fleet development and forecasts up to 2030

-          Top 15 conventional reefer ship operator profiles

-          North/South Reefer heavy container trades, per carrier and overall

-          Top 10 reefer container operators

Dynamar's Reefer Analysis applies the most recent trade statistics on reefer commodities, supplemented with up-to-date port, vessel, box and carrier fleet statistics. It delivers a profound insight into the background, characteristics, goings and present status of the worldwide perishables shipping market and its most relevant players. It is a must read for anyone involved in cold logistics.

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