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Latest news

  • 02 July 2020

    DynaLiners Daily - Containerships and the Canaries

    Having removed them earlier this year, Containerships (CMA CGM group) has returned the Canary Islands calls of Las Palmas and Tenerife to its CISS service. Castellon has also been added, with El Ferrol moved to a shuttle linking with Dublin and Bilbao. Revised rotation of CISS, ensured by 3x 900 TEU vessels, is: Hamburg, Rotterdam, Tilbury, Cadiz, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Castellon, Cadiz, Huelva ... Read more

  • 02 July 2020

    DynaLiners Daily - JSV Logistic launches a new service

    JSV Logistic of Spain has launched a new service that connects Barcelona, Marseilles, Istanbul (Ambarli) and Gebze. It is ensured by a 750 TEU vessel rotating every ten/eleven days. JSV Logistic also employs two vessels of 800 TEU that connect the Canary Islands with Barcelona and Alicante. Read more

Shipping Innovation



Shipping is by far the oldest global industry, exposed to market forces for centuries. It created a culture of competitive advantage way before management pundits coined this term. Innovation, and in particular technological innovation, has been the key to profitably outsmart competition.


Shipping Innovation, an unique 850-page textbook, puts developments in innovation into perspective for both students and professionals involved in the global maritime cluster. It consists of four parts covering a wide spectre of topics from many disciplines.




Part I provides a bird¡¯s eye view and explains the basics of the long term relationship and dynamics between shipping, shipbuilding and the global economy, offering a conceptual framework for analysing and understanding shipping markets.

-       Chapter 1        Global Economy and Seaborne Trade

-       Chapter 2        Global Shipbuilding Dynamics

-       Chapter 3        Global Shipowning Dynamics

-       Chapter 4        Analysis of Shipping Markets




Part II discusses the origin and drivers that have resulted in today¡¯s myriad of ship types, each with their own competitive advantages. On this basis, a set of instruments is proposed to analyse the comparative performance of ships, assess performance limits, and derive from these insights a set of triggers to result in a methodological framework for pro-active innovation.

-       Chapter 5         Oil Tankers

-       Chapter 6         Bulk Carriers

-       Chapter 7         Container Ships

-       Chapter 8         Gas Tankers

-       Chapter 9         Chemical Tankers

-       Chapter 10       Other Ship Types

-       Chapter 11       Shortsea Shipping

-       Chapter 12       Ship Costs

-       Chapter 13       Benchmarking, S-Curves and Innovation

-       Chapter 14       Triggers for Shipping Innovation

-       Chapter 15       Ports and Shipping




Part III provides a comprehensive overview of innovation perspectives at various levels of aggregation, such as the economy, the cluster, the business, and the individual. As clusters are crucial for such innovation, some case studies are included from such prominent European maritime groupings, as well as a set of proposed cluster enablers.

-       Chapter 16      Innovation and Wealth Creation

-       Chapter 17      Innovation and Business

-       Chapter 18      Innovation and the Individual

-       Chapter 19      Innovation and Creativity

-       Chapter 20      Innovation and Maritime Clusters

-       Chapter 21      European Maritime Clusters


Part IV introduces and explains the complex design and innovation process of ships, it contains two detailed design studies and not only provides a number of case studies from the past, but also very topical ones related to the sustainability of shipping, such as ballast-free ships.

-       Chapter 22      Ship Terminology and Design Methods

-       Chapter 23      Container Ship Design

-       Chapter 24      Ro-Ro Vessel Design

-       Chapter 25      Forest Products Ships

-       Chapter 26      Sustainable Shipping

-       Chapter 27      Ballast-Free Ships

-       Chapter 28      Chemical Tanker

-       Chapter 29      Malacca-Max Containership

-       Chapter 30      Thinking out of the Box


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