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  • 17 September 2019

    DynaLiners Daily - a new South Korean joint

    South Korean compatriots Heung-A and Sinokor will intensify their cooperation through a new joint service between Japan, Korea and China starting by the end of September. Replacing similar existing operations, it will deploy four 800 TEU ships, one of which one will come from Heung-A, calling at: Busan, Ulsan, Kwangyang, Shanghai, Ningbo, Busan, Sendai, Hachinohe, Tomakomai, Busan, Naoetsu, Ak... Read more

  • 13 September 2019

    DynaLiners Daily - A strong growth of 20 points

    Week 37th DynaLiners Shares Index (DLSI) posted a strong growth of twenty points (+2%) to 835. As with last week, gains were also posted across all four sub-indices, with both DLSI Owners and DLSI Boxes improving by at least thirty points. These represented jumps of 3% and 5% respectively. Alongside, with its nineteen point/2% gain, DLSI Ports re-joined DLSI Carriers in being clearly ahead of t... Read more

CONTAINERS (2012): Makers, Lessors, Users

Between 2008 and 2012, the worldwide container box fleet increased from 24 million TEU to 31 million TEU.

Behind this 7 million TEU growth is a world as flexible as the rectangular box is rigid - 4 years of high waves and deep troughs in international container shipping during which makers showed capable of varying annual production between less than 400,000 and more than 3,400,000 TEU - lessors acted as co-savers of their main customers during their darkest of times - users managed to survive against all odds.

Like its 24 million TEU 2008 predecessor, 31 million TEU CONTAINERS (2012) offers an unrivalled insight into the world's primary container supply industry of manufacturers and leasing companies, as well as the world's largest shipping lines. Nowadays, lessors own/manage some 44% of world's container fleet - carriers own 50% of all oceangoing containers - the balance ...? is explained in this expanded and fully updated report with many new features vis-à-vis our well received 2008 edition. Main subjects covered include:

Principal container (and reefer machinery) manufacturers

- accounting for well over 95% of all production capacity [over 97% of dry boxes; 100% of reefers]
- deploying over 50 manufacturing plants/factories, including those outside of China

Full profiles on each of these groups, looking at:
- Background, history and development
- Manufacturing capabilities [factories, capacities, types]
- Related/affiliated activities
Concise profiles on other and specialised makers

Largest container lessors

- controlling over 90% of world's container fleet on lease
- owning/managing fleets of minimum 100,000 TEU

Extensive profiles on each of these lessors, comprising:
- Background, history and development
- Managed container fleets [size, types, major clients/lease types]
- Related/affiliated activities
Concise profiles of other lessors

Top 20 container users

- accounting for the vast majority of all maritime boxes owned and on lease

Profiles on each of the top 20 container shipping lines:
- Brief background and development
- Main trades lanes served
- Development and short description of containers deployed
Write-ups of other users, including railroad operators

The report is furthermore packed with analyses, statistics and overviews - particular histories of markets and companies, developments since the previous study, industry-wide trends, issues facing the players today and in future - how the container came into being, what makes a box a box - what may happen after its active shipping life - more, including reefers, reefer machinery and tanks.

Dynamar's brand new publication CONTAINERS (2012): Makers, Lessors, Users will be issued in the second week of April 2012. It can be ordered right now and will then be sent to you upon it availability.


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